Split Acres Fiber Farm                             Split Acres Fiber Farm

What we do...

  {modal images/gallery/Yarn2.jpg|Title=Hand Spun Yarn}Yarn2 Small{/modal} Hand Spun Yarn
Our yarn is made from the fiber of the animals grown and raised at Split Acres Fiber Farm. The fiber is shorn from the animals, cleaned, carded, blended, dyed, and hand spun. The process is 100% natural and produces the best yarn for needs.
{modal images/gallery/knittedAndWeaved.jpg|Title=Knitted Sweater and Weaved Towel}knittedItems small{/modal} Knitted and Weaved Items
If you prefer, our hand spun yarn is knitted into stylish and functional sweaters, skarves, shawls, hats, mittens, and socks. The yarn is also woven into rugs, towels, and embroidery. You have to see it to appreciate it.
{modal images/gallery/All_Fiber.jpg|Title= Fiber}Fiber small{/modal}  Fiber
We have fiber blended and dyed to suit you evey needs. The fiber can be used for felting, spinning into yarn, or stuffing. We offer:

   - Wool 50%, Alpaca 50%
   - Wool 50%, Mohair 50%
   - Wool 60%, Angora 40%
or other custom blends.

{modal images/EngShep.jpg|Title= English Sheperds}EngShep small{/modal} English Shepherds
Registered breeders of English Shepherds.
 UkrainianBelt Ukrainian Crafts
 Traditional Ukrainian beads, beaded eggs, embroidery, and woven belts.