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English Shepherd Puppies Sonia Winter 2019

Third Litter from Sonia - Winter 2019 

 All puppies from this litter have been sold!!!!

Sonia has 6 puppies from her 3rd litter.  They were born January 8, 2019.  The puppies will be available March 4.

Here at 8 weeks.

BlackWhiteGirl Resize LastPupChickensResize
 Black White Girl  Pup "working" chickens


If you think you might be interested in this litter please contact us.  We will help you find the right match for your new English Shepherd pup.


Tzyhan and Sonia's 3rd litter pups at 6 weeks old:

{vsig_c}0| BlackWhiteBoyResize_Sold.jpg| Male {/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0| BlackWhiteGirlResize.jpg| Female{/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0| SableWhiteGirlResize_Sold.jpg| Female {/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0| SableWhiteBoyResize_Sold.jpg| Male {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0| TriColorGirlBrownPawResize_Sold.jpg| Female {/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0| TriColorGirlOneWhitePawResize_Sold.jpg| Female {/vsig_c}


 Tzyhan and Sonia's First Litter  
Our English Shepherds
 Sonia 6 month

Sonia - Female



Tzyhan - Male 



English Shepherd Male
English Shepherd Female

Lada - Female



 Levko - Male English Shepherds
English Shepherds Lada - Levko - Tzyhan